About Suite 100 Private Banking

Private Banking a it's best!

Private Banking is based on one simple and very practical premise: establishing and maintaining closely knit, long-term, confidential relationships with a select client base by providing superior banking service and products. Suite 100, Exclusive Private Banking services the financial needs of individuals, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Unique in design, we deliver with dignity and discretion the direct, personalized service that has vanished from banking. Despite its mystique, Private Banking is in many ways simply a return to old-fashioned values and the gracious way business was conducted years ago.

Have you been looking for a personal and private banking relationship?
If so, Suite 100 is the place for you. Our Private Banking Team is experienced, knowledgeable, and empowered to make quick decisions. Each Team member is easily reached and provides absolute confidentiality.

Are your financial needs being met?
If not, our experienced Private Bankers can help you. Suite 100 customers enjoy uniquely tailored banking solutions and an unparalleled level of personal service that is rare in banking these days.

How does one become a Suite 100 member?
Private Banking is for FNBT.COM BANK customers who have a total banking relationship that is of significant value to the client and the bank. To become a Suite 100 member, we request that you maintain a minimum deposit relationship of $50,000.*
*Ask for details.

Suite 100 Locations
Fort Walton Beach
....all located in beautiful Northwest Florida!